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I ghostwrite books for celebrities, TV companies, businesses and private individuals. Sometimes this involves creating the entire content of the book for you, in other instances it may be editing and rewriting material. As an experienced ghostwriter, I will be able to advise you on what will make your manuscript compelling to readers and publishers.

I have ghostwritten memoirs, biographies, novels, short stories, inspirational books business guides, and many other genres.

The process usually begins with a meeting to agree an outline of your book — the contents and style of it — before I map a basic structure.  Then a series of interviews provides the material which I work into a first draft of the book. At this stage any revisions or additions can be made before the manuscript is ready for publishing. 


I can advise on all the professional services required to design and print your book to a very high standard.

I can also liaise, on your behalf,  with other publishing professionals to provide services, like printing and photography for instance.

Please contact me to discuss any project- large or small - and for details of my rates.

Ed Stafford, 'Walking The Amazon'
Diarmuid Gavin, 'How The Boy Next Door Turned Out'. autobiography
James May's Toy Stories
Francis Boulle, 'Boulle's Jewels: The Business of Life'.
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