I've written, ghostwritten and edited many books - both fiction and non-fiction, commercially and self-published.

Some I can't list, for reasons of client confidentiality, but here is a small selection of the ones that I can.

Books include:


Windan (2019)


My Stunt Career in the Movies  (2018)


Curiosity Made Me: A Business Memoir (2017)


The Movie Doctors (2016)


Sportographica (2014)


Crap Crimes (2013)


Leaves on the Line (2013)


Infographica (2012)


Boulle’s Jewels (2012)


365 Family Games and Pastimes (2012)


Grand Harbour Malta (2011)


Out of the Ashes (2011)


Walking the Amazon (2011)


Collins Practical Writing Guide (2011)


London Eye Guide (2011)


365 Everyday Games and Pastimes (2010)


Oz and James Drink to Britain (2009)


Morrissey’s Perfect Pint (2008)

Michael Tait's 'Windan'.
Stunt actor Frank Henson's memorable memoir about Hollywood and TV.

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