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Oz Clarke, James May 'Drink To Britain'.

'I'd recommend Simon to anyone thinking of writing a book. Get him to do it instead - it's easier.' - James May, TV presenter.

I am an author, ghostwriter and editor. I have worked in the broadcast media and with most of the major publishing houses. 


I have a first-class degree in English and American Literature, from the University of Warwick, and an MA with Distinction in Creative Writing, from Bath Spa University.


As a writer I have worked with an amazing range of clients - including private individuals, major publishers, celebrities, TV companies, and other businesses. 

I take a flexible approach to projects. Every book is unique - written for a particular audience, and with a particular aim in mind. I really enjoy helping  my clients to achieve their goals - it's very satisfying!


It's exciting to see a project through from inception to publishing - there are so many challenges to enjoy along the way - and my experience puts me in good stead to deal with all of them.


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